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tv   FOX 45 News at 530  FOX  July 27, 2010 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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%ú researcher, tonight, thens suspecttis criminal records. why one should have been behind bars a hotel evacuated. >> there was a lot of tension. >> how many guests were forced out and when it might reopen. >> warm temperatures in the 90s. a change is coming. the comfortable temperatures on the way in my orecast. >> and why kids are head lice might not be kept out of school. >> hello. thee2 suspects code of killing a johns hhpkins research assistant told police they were looking for somebody to rob the night of
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ú%e killing. crime and justicc reporter tells us at least one of the suspects probably shouldn't have been on the streets to begin with. >> records show john wagoner violated hii probatton 4 times in just over a year. he had violated his probation repeatedly. there was a warranted out for his arrest the day he killed 23 years old, aayoung man who would have turned 24 today. his most recent arrest came in april. following an assault and robbery caught on a city watth camera. this evidence alone should have enough to convicted. instead the case was droppeddby prosecutors. >> i have spoken ith the prosecuttr. indicated despite his attempts to bring the victtm offthat case to court, the victim failed to appear at a hearing in may and ultimately that caae was placed on a set docket.
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>> 24-year-old merit went befor% a judge for a bail review. shh was wanted by police at the time of this crime. she remained shacklee as she read the charging document she showed no express. remmins held withouttbaal. >> thank you. -teven was on his cell phone talking tt his other when he was ttacked. in a phone interview today his sistee, emily, describe what hhd her motter heard. >> she heard people screaming do give them oney. he said here, i don't have any cash. here is my wallet. >> the biggest ambition was to get back to the committeeeú through being a physician. >> well, he was walking home from penn stttion after a trip to new york when he waa police inbaltimore city are investigating 2 early morning hollywoods. his happened -- homicides. 19-year-old corey ssms ws
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stabbed and killed. police have no suspeccs or motiie in this case at this time. and just after 4, police say man was shot and killed in southwest baltimore. he was found on randoo road. police are looking for suspects and a motive in this case, too. >> ity police are investigating the deeth of a man who's body was found in a residents downtown. ú%ficers say the man was found dead yesterday on west prat street. they haven't rrvealed how he died but are calling his death suspicious. >> we have a developing story oot f baltimore couuty tonight. police are investigating whether a woman through a newborn baby out of a window. the baby survived and is in critical condition at gpmc. it was found in the bushes along virginia avenue. police areein the process of talking to the mother to determinn if she will fails any charges. city policeebelieve they put the
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brakes on string of holdups at light rail stations. jeff is like at the wood bury station with news. >> well, for weeks police say a ring opteenagers have targeeed those who ride these rails but tonight, it appears their crime spree has come o a halt. many of the robberies took pllce at the cherry hill station in south baltimore. police have 44teenagers in custody. -he ollest, 17-year-ood aaexander much o'neill. they use the guns, masks and threats to rob 9 passengers in 8 weeks. >> one manner, they would walk from the communnty over to the right rail stops. others, hey would ride trains, ú%rget victims frrm ttere. >> well, it's not like the robbers made off with a lot of cash. at one point a victim was roobed for '6dollars. we're live at the wood bushh station tonight. >> thank you. that brings us to the question
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of it day. do you feel safe on the light rail? go to and tell us what you think. sound off on faaebook. you can send as you tweet at box baatimore. text your answer to 45203 and a for yes, b for no. and your response might air tonight on fox 45 news at 10:00. police are looking for a man they say is now suspected of several sex crimes. there have been 4 incidences since june. 2 were sexual assaults against women. a sketch of the attacker is now plastered on mailboxes. in one case he broke into a home wearing nothiig but a t-shirt and sox..ú the female victim was able to get away. >> as soon as i saw the pictureú i wouldn't go outside. ivities terrified. >> his eye freak me outt he looks like he's up to no goodd >> well, the victim heeped
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one of the city's biggest hotels is closed..ú a water people broken inside a stairrell. -- water pipe broke. maariott. what's happening with the guests? >> 900 guests have been placed in 9 difffrent hotels throoghout the city. as you can see riihtthere hinted %-record the scene here leaning up the mess left after a 4-inch waaer pipe ruptured inside of the hotel. now, this happened around 5530 last night. the guests were here as part of a ccnvention held here at the marriott water front. the 10-year-old hotel was at near capacity. a sand pipe in the stairwell betteen 4th and 5thhflooos ruptured. the hotel was evacuated. guests ere allowed ack in, useddfreight elevators to get to pack their things and movedd
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to hotels in the area. >> there was a lot of tension and a lot have peopleescared >> there was absolutely nos. majors or major incidences. to our guests and our associates. to resume the veterans' affairs conference tomorrow morning. >> they aaso ttll me he guest rooms are in order. kitchens are operational. the holdup now, the elevators. no word on hen the hotel will be fully sepprational. kaaen park.- operational. >> what amyls. thaak you. how are the roads looking? loren that is the traffic for us. >> we're dealing ith several aacidents. west baltimore, we have an accident on retreat street at pennsyllania avenue. problems will persist as we make our wayyeast. involving a bus. the if you plan to use the forth
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mchenry funnel, -- tunnel, 17 miles per hour. traffic packed up to key highway. here is aalive look at ork roaa. those interested loop lanes are ú%mmed up. you will see relief as you make your way to parkville where speeds wwll be up to a high 52 here at hartford road. as for the west side of the belt way, no problems. liberty road, speeds are 55 miles per hour. ú%u can see traffic is moving just fine. that is your traffic edge report. -p>> thank youu ú%neighborhood fixture in little italy has died..ú johnnpenty died yesterday morning of natural causes. he was 100 years old. he lived on south high street. he allowed the film festival to put theeprojector in his bedroom for years. he loved seeinn the crowds every friday in the summmr.
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-ne offhis last wishes was that show should go on. wanted thh movies to go on.t he so because oo that, we are planning to have the movie this friday and we are oiig to have a moment of silence, you know, in hii memory. >> a viewing for him ii scheduled for friday from 2-9. his funeral is saturday morning ú% 10. well, anothhr nice day here in baltimore, but it's about to et hot again. coming up, chief meteorologist will tell us when temperatures will return to the 90s. >> pretty rough. >> training camp gets under way with new rules for fann. coming up, not everyyody is happy about the aaenssnew autograph policy. >> i'm john
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>> iwas the deadliest accident in the history of washington's metro system. 9 dded. dozens were hurt when 12 2 -- 2
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trains collided. whatthappened, jjhn rydell tells us what the investigatorr have found. >> from the very eginning investigators had suspecced that this accident was not the resulted of train operators and today they're placing blame on what they call a break downin safety management. at the height of rush hour last summer a train struck another train stopped near a station. the train operator was killed ú%ong with 8 passengers. the national triages safety board blames faulty signaling equipment. the ooerator wassgiven no advance arning that the seconn -rain had already stopped there has been an anemic safety culture at metro where officials ignored warning signs. our hope the lessons learned from this accident will not be a catalyst for change hhre, but also the cornerstone of a greater effort for stablish a
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federal role in overrite and safety standards for the raal transit systems across the nation. >> ell they're calling on metro officials to remove or retrofit the old subway cars..ú -any involved in that crash were at least 30-year-old. john rydell. news at 5:30. >> the governor's race is in a statistical dead heat. more than 800 likely voters were -uede. ú%vernor o'malley would get 45% of the vote, caller bob hrllch, 42% with a margin of error at 3 1/2 percent. they're basically tide. 8% of the voters poll resident undecided. >> one poll shows one point up, one point down. i suspect that ping pong of doing polls will go on until election day. >> among independents they are tied at 39%.
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ú%rate onnthe -- latest on the vote for governor. another beauuiful summer day. perfect temps out there. how long will these milder temperatures last? >> a gorgeous day out there. those temperatures feeling mighty nice in those comfortable 80s. we have not too high humid levels. one of those days you want to ú%t out and enjoy it, take walk around the park a greaa day to enjoy. it ooks like we will see a ew channes inching in our way, warmer air starts to build in from the southwest and we'll see a little humidity goong up as we theestate temperatures right. now, 83 degrees. 85 in baltimore. 86 in dc. looking at 87 in agers town. we'll continueeto hold on to the 80s. that's where we should be this
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time of year folks. %-radar showing no precipitation over baltimmre. there is moisture to tte southwest of us l that is over southern pootions of virginiaaand down to the soutt we have this activvty here. that's because we do have this area of high pressure that's blocking this activity. ú% have a warm front heading our -ay taking our temmeratures up a bit. ú% tonight, 78, mild conditions. i'll telllyou when the moisture gets here and how the weekend will shape up coming up. >> and you caa be in chargeeof your own personalized forecast. iradar is now vailable at %--se the interactive tools to track cominn storms right to your street. go to >> fans getting their first chance to sse theeravens at training camp today but for most, that's all they could do is see the team.
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the teaa changed ts policy. only kids from 6-15 can get autographs. most fans we talked to disagree with the policy. some parents who have seen the problems firsthand thinn the policy change is good. >> my son was up at the frrnt trying to get autographs. there were a lot of older guys up there trying to hutsal in. he got crushed. >> parents need to check in their kids and get a wrist band to get access to the players. the team says ffns will have access to autographs at other events. we wwll havv a full update on all the excitement frommthe first day. kristin will have a live report coming up later in sports. >> signs of a sesame side, usually keep kids home. new guudelines say it doesnnt always have to happen. the new rules when it comes to
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head lies. coming up in tonight's health chhck. the guys of glee get a hosting gig. find out what
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>not the mosttpleasant subject. if your kid has lice, it doesn't mean they necessarily have to stay home from school. new guidelines say that kids who
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have knits don't necessarily still have lice. pediatriciann need to be involved nd a decision can be ú%de about whether the child shoulddmiss school. 12 million kids every year are effected by head lice officiils say. the guys of glee will take awards.stage at the teen choice the guys of the fox hit show will cohost the awards with singer katie pprry. the 12th annual awards airs right here august 9. ♪ and idol fever invades the big easy. mmre than 6500 hopefuls got to ú%ng for producers in new %-if they get the okay from the
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prrducers, ttey get to sing before the judges on thursdaa. this thursday, the winner of our sicking contest will get a -- singing contest will get an guarantied audition in front of producers in newwjersey. brought to you by east mount mall. and fox 45 news. >> live in westminsterster, the ravens just rapped up the first day at training camp. who was not at ppactice, after the break. -m
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by expanding the port, martin o'malley is creating the next generation of jobs right here in baltimore. 5700 hundred jobs... that means work for today... but even more jobs for the future. 5700 new jobs that makes maryland more competitive in the world economy. without governor o'malley,
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this expansion would never have happened. his commitment to upgrading our port and fighting for our workers is unparalleled. martin o'malley, there's never a doubt who's side he's on. martin o'malley. moving maryland forward.
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who's side he's on. >> e long wait is over. ravens fans, bright and early
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this morninggthey hit the practice field. rookies and selected veterans. the rest follow suit later this week. kristin joins us live with more on the first workout with rockies and selected veterans. >> thanks. yyah, the ravens started today'ú practice with 10 players on the physically unable to pprform on pop llst. familiar names, web, washington, proteinen, all those recovering from -- brendan, all those recovering from injuries, safety -d reid was in aatendance. he did not practice but was doing drills on the side lines. one surprising name that was on the list was rocky nose tackle terrence ody. >> he was unable to practice after e didn't pass his test. one day after he signed history %-after practice he ran drills d ssrints. the coach ays he wasn't
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completely surprised. p> he didnnt pass the conditioning test of the part of thh processsis eveeybody has to pass the test to be sure that they're ready to compete. it's going to be hot. our praccices areefast. we want to make sure guys are physically ready to practice. so when he passes the test he'll practice. >> if eepasses the test tomorrow he will be at the practice. >> thanks. we'll hear from quarterback joe on his first day of training camp but the orioles are 0-10 against the bluejays. they trres for win number one tonight. highlights of that and the est of the night in sports at 10:50. ú% thank you, bruce. we're having some great weather out there. we would love it to stick around. back to chief meteorologist. >> yeah, looks like it's really nicc out there right now. a look from he hd skycam, plenty of sunshine. relatively decent conditions.
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85 deggees. winds out of the southeast at 7. humidity levels, 51%. that's going to change a little bit over the next couppe oo days. 85 in hhrrisburg, philadelphia, 87. so you can see we have some ú%mfortable temperatures but the warning will come from the southwest aa we see a warm front approach over the next day. right now looking at the hd raaar, clearing conditions, clouds are breaking for overnnght. showees oee virginia and toothe south but as the warm front gets close that are will change. a little more moisture close to us. but only about a 20% chance for a popup shower. for isolated shower but vvrye slight. i think the better chancc for showers will arrive as we see the next cold front push through. temperaturelize increase tomorrow buu then the cold front pushes through by thursday, popup showers and ssorms along the front and temperatures will drop forrthe weekend. 92 degrees tomorrow. 200 chance for a popup shower,
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lated on wednesdayyanother chance. 89. and then friday, ssturday, suuday. mid 80s which is good. looks like we will see the temperatures hanging around in the mid 80s.


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